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PL was founded in 2017 to support our very first client AIB, in their development of a new leadership talent pipe line. We quickly built from scratch a series of highly effective leadership development programmes.

We utilised our experiences gained as Senior Irish Army Officers developing high performing leaders and cohesive multi-national teams to achieve mission success in complex and hostile environments. We passionately believe that in any business the requirement for effective leadership is crucial to achieving sustainable success during consequential times. This practical knowledge, coupled with our academic studies, has created our capacity to listen for emerging solutions and design impactful organisational systems that work in the real world of business. PL has effectively supported the leadership needs of a wide variety of businesses, community groups and high-performance elite sporting organisations.

PL can offer support as you develop and scale your organisation to respond to the current demands and to be ready for future challenges. Our team of leadership consultants can add value to your organisation and help you build your future leadership capacity. 


We will work hard to connect, in order to listen to your specific needs and then suggest how the PL team might assist.


Mark Prendergast and Ciara Ware head up PL drawing on their own professional experience in the Irish Defence Forces, training and education. All PL team members are established and experienced leaders in their own professional fields. They have all been selected to work with PL because they are exceptional leaders with a high performance backgrounds. Their leadership experience includes leading elite special forces teams to operational success.  The composition of the team to deliver a PL programme is always influenced by the needs of the client.

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