Prendergast Leadership (PL) is located on The Curragh of Kildare and has evolved from primarily a military background enhanced with extensive leadership study and research. Mark Prendergast and Ciara Ware founded PL having served as officers in the Defence Forces.

‘We have spent the last 30 years developing high performing leaders and leading multi national teams to achieve mission success in complex and hostile environments. In this demanding environment effective leadership is crucial to success. Our military leadership education and the experiences gained from leading and developing other leaders, coupled with academic study has allowed us to develop the skills to meet the leadership needs of business, community and sports groups.'

PL started designing programmes for businesses in 2017. The PL team has designed and delivered leadership programmes for clients in the private sector, financial services the security industry, IT and manufacturing. 


Mark Prendergast and Ciara Ware head up PL drawing on their own professional experience in the Irish Defence Forces, training and education. All PL team members are established and experienced leaders in their own professional fields. They have all been selected to work with PL because they are exceptional leaders with a high performance backgrounds. Their leadership experience includes leading elite special forces teams to operational success.  The composition of the team to deliver a PL programme is always influenced by the needs of the client.


The Curragh

Co. Kildare