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PL creates unique leadership experiences at selected locations that provide the memories and trigger the stories that build real organisational culture. In 2019, PL delivered programmes across the country and overseas. Each programme was designed and delivered specifically for the client. 


PL will find the most suitable space to challenge participants to think, act and lead in an environment that meets their organisations leadership development needs.

The PorterShed in Galway City is one of those special spaces, an innovation hub that is driving Galway’s tech success. PL leverages this environment to challenge leaders to develop methods and behaviours for success.

The Elbowroom Escape in Wicklow allows PL to take leaders from the conference room to the outdoors where we can develop their leadership and allow them to lead from remote locations. Working outdoors, connecting with nature, breaking out of the office - creates the memories that build culture and develop leaders. 

You can never underestimate the value of working outdoors with your team, these are the shared memories that trigger future success.  When faced with tough times these common experiences build the culture that will meet future challenges.

Leadership Progs


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Ensuring your people are ready for the next challenge.

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bus leader strategies



We listen first.

Our leaders work with your leaders throughout!

This initial engagement is so important in order to identify what is required by the group, community or individual. There may be a requirement to strip back layers to identify the need or the issue that requires work. 

We then commence working to build a programme that will fulfil needs. The product we design and deliver is always aligned with the client’s organisational values and mission statement.


Feedback and good communications are the cornerstone of all our designs.  The positive environment that PL teams create will always build the confidence of your leaders. 

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High Perf teams



We specialise in encouraging and developing  our candidate's potential and skills.  We deliver graduate programmes, executive programmes and more.

Clients repeatedly return to PL because of our professionalism, experience and our ability to adapt to specific requirements.

The impact of PL's work with leaders is immediately apparent. They return to the workplace ready to lead at the next level and to up their game.

The relationship with a client is never over with us, it lives long after the programme ends in  the feedback and support we deliver to the leader.



Prendergast Leadership use assessments and psychometrics that measure tendencies and priorities as personal development tools within bespoke programmes. Designed to support an individual’s understanding of his or her work-related behaviours, the behaviours of others and how to apply this knowledge in work situations.

Assessments bring increased awareness and understanding to teams, individuals and organisations and help them become more effective.

PL work with Performance Partners to use assessments that are internationally recognised and validated as we explore new ways to connect and engage people and their teams in the virtual workspace.  

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